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How you choose to protect your iPhone 4 is a matter of personal choice. Some cases are all about style and then, there are some that provide protection from real damage. If you are in search for heavy-duty shielding, then this is the list for you.

Rugged cases

First on my list is the Ballistic HC. The company behind it claims that you would not find a tougher case than this one for the iPhone 4. HC stands for "hard core" and it boasts four layers of protection. The case provides an integrated screen cover for increased screen protection. It costs 50 dollars and is worth every single penny.

Second on my list is the Cygnett WorkMate. This case is made from double strength rubberized material and provides amazing protection. The screen is left unprotected though, but you can get around that problem with a stick-on protector. It costs 25 dollars.

Third on the list is the Casemate Touch case. It does not offers super heavy duty protection like the Cygnett Workmate or the Ballistic HC, but it also does not adds too much bulk to your iPhone. It costs 35 dollars.

Fourth is the Otterbox Defender that is has established itself into most popular iPhone accessory companies around. Its Defender series offers sleek design and sports a built-in screen protector as well. You also get a holster and belt clip in the package. If you are looking for maximum screen protection, this is the case to get. It costs 50 dollars. Impact and Commuter are also good options if you want the rugged iPhone case without screen protection.

Rugged cases